About Infusion

If you have a chronic condition or are recovering from certain medical conditions, you may need to receive medications or nutrients in a form other than taking medications or supplements by mouth. Infusion therapy delivers medications, fluids, or nutrients directly into the body, through an intravenous (IV) catheter.

You can receive your infusion therapy, such as anti-infectives, cancer treatments, cardiovascular therapies, pain medications or nutritional support from the comfort and convenience of your home.  Our infusion team includes pharmacists and nurses with specialty training in infusion medications and delivery. Our pharmacists have expertise in specific diseases and medications. Our nurses have advanced training in infusion therapy to administer IV medications and manage vascular access with catheters and ports.  We are committed to your safety and well being for the duration of your therapy.  Nursing staff is available 24/7 to answer questions and assist with your infusions. Our care team will work closely with your UI Hospital team for seamless care and alert your provider for any signs of concern during your care.

We treat a wide range of conditions with comprehensive services and treatments, including:


  • Anti-infective therapies: Antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals, as infusions can treat severe infectious diseases due to bacteria, viruses and other causes. 
  • Anti-inflammatory and steroid therapies: These infusions treat a wide variety of chronic inflammatory conditions.
  • Cancer treatments: People may need infusions of chemotherapy or immunotherapy for certain cancers.
  • Cardiovascular therapies: Some infused medications can manage heart disease, heart failure and high blood pressure. 

Nutritional support 

  • Parenteral nutrition: Certain conditions, such as some cancers or digestive disorders, make eating difficult.  Total parenteral nutrition supplies nutrition through a catheter into a vein.
  • Fluid and electrolyte replacement: Some conditions or medications can cause dehydration and loss of electrolytes (essential minerals). Infusions of fluid with electrolytes can replace these substances more quickly than taking them by mouth.

To find out more about our infusion services, call us at 319-337-8522