UI Community HomeCare office offers two referral services:

Infusion Therapy Referrals

Fax: 319-337-8524

E-mail: Erika Callaghan (A-K)
Phone: 1-319-337-9382

E-mail: Lori Miller (L-Z)
E-Mail: Ricci Cardwell (L-Z)


Durable Medical Equipment Referrals

Fax: 1-319-688-6985

E-Mail: Lisa Schmidt (A-G)
Phone: 1-319-337-8522 ext. 2109

E-Mail: Ben Finnegan (H-P)
Phone: 1-319-337-8522 ext. 2143

E-Mail: Mary Plotz (Q-Z)
Phone: 1-319-337-8522 ext. 2152

To make a referral to UI Community HomeCare, you will need to provide the following information:

1. Patient name
2. Diagnosis
3. Demographic information
4. Phone numbers
5. Insurance information
6. Signed physician order