To the Patients of UI Community HomeCare

Update 03/25/2020

No major updates from here, which is sometimes a good thing.  Our staff remains healthy, our nurse manager is monitoring employee temperatures daily and we are operating as normally as we are able. Some of our at risk staff are now working remotely.

Our warehouse manager touched base with UPS and they are operating at 98% ontime deliveries (THANKS UPS!!!)

We were also able to obtain a case of isolation gowns from one of our vendors and while we don't need them, we are able to share them with UI Hospitals & Clinics.

Update 03/20/2020

Medicare and commercial insurance are waiving the signature requirements for proof of delivery at this time.  This allows for your safety as well as our delivery staff's safety, in not having to sign.

Our supply levels remain adequate to meet our patients ongoing supply needs.

Update  03/19/2020

For our Enteral Patients: Our drop ship partner, McKesson is experiencing increased numbers of orders and they have less workers to fill those orders. McKesson no longer has the ability to guarantee next day shipping. In an effort to avoid problems, your inventory person will contact you 10 days before a refill is needed and request an earlier ship date.  Should you have questions, please contact your inventory person listed below.


As we enter these uncertain times related to the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) we want to assure you that we are meeting regularly to keep current with State and Federal recommendations.

As a health care provider, we tried to anticipate issues that might arise due to this virus and several weeks ago, we started ordering extra supplies in areas we were concerned might result in shortages. At this point in time, we feel comfortable with our ability to conduct "business as usual". To conserve the amount of supplies that we currently have we will not be able to accommodate requests for additional supplies. At the same time, with the unknown duration of this pandemic we have tried to develop plans for the "what ifs".

If you receive deliveries from UI Community HomeCare staff at your home, to reduce exposure for you and our staff, we will not ask you to sign your delivery ticket, but rather we will leave the delivery ticket and self-addressed stamped envelope with your delivery and ask that you sign the delivery ticket and mail it back to us.

We feel real time communication is very important as it relates to your care. We will be posting general updates to our website and encourage you to check it regularly. In addition, we will be developing an email list where we can send these updates to you directly. If you have not given us your email, we encourage you to email Lynne Thomas at or call Lynne at 319-688-6968 so your name can be added to this list.

We also recognize that many of you are receiving life-saving medications or nutrition. Should issues with our ability to receive medications or supplies arise, we will be contacting you directly and working with your physician to determine alternate treatment or plans.

If you have concerns that have we have not addressed, feel free to contact:
Your inventory clerk Molly Young at 319-337-8522 Ext 2105 OR Kara Worthington at 319-337-8522 Ext 2169
Debra Killion, Pharmacist at 319-337-8522 Ext 2184
Kelli Krutsinger, Nurse Manager at or 319-337-8522 Ext 2161